Want A Better Job In I.T.?

Here's how you can find your dream job, make the MONEY YOU DESERVE and bring HAPPINESS and joy to your life without spending years gaining experience!

Launch Your I.T. Career Course

  • Learn how to perform well in interviews.
  • Learn how to study for certifications.
  • Learn how networking can help you find a job.
  • Get LinkedIn tips to make your profile stand out.

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  • Are you sick and tired of having to go to the same old life-sucking job everyday?
  • Unhappy with where you are working or who you work with?
  • Would you love to be doing something better in Information Technology but are FRUSTRATED that you don’t have time to get the experience required?

I have struggled with these same problems which led me to develop the Launch Your IT Career course. I have made all the mistakes and found out what truly works to get the job of your dreams. Launch Your IT Career gives you all the steps you need to take in order to be HAPPY and FULFILLED when you get the job you have always wanted in Information Technology.

  • Using my course you can get your dream job without having to spend years gaining experience. I show you the best methods to study for certifications using time-tested memory recall techniques.
  • Start earning the money you deserve be expanding your skill set quickly and stand above the crowd of the tons of job applicants. Finding a job and getting the job offer doesn’t have to be hard or painful. Using my course you will gain the insights and secret tips you need to get ahead of the job curve.


Launch Your Information Technology Career Course

  • Seven High-Quality, step-by-step videos plus PDFs explaining how you can get the job of your dreams making the money you want.
  • 11 resume writing tips that help your resume stand out of the crowd and get you noticed by recruiters.
  • This course will help you even if you already have a job or if you don’t currently work in Information Technology yet.
  • Learn my secret tips to acing ANY Interview and SELL YOURSELF!
  • Gain job experience without spending years of your time.
  • Use sites like LinkedIn to their fullest to help you network with others.
  • Learn my method of studying for Information Technology Certifications using TIME TESTED techniques for studying in the SHORTEST time possible yet RETAIN everything
  • Finally, you will discover the BEST JOB SITES for searching for your dream job without getting nailed by SPAMMERS.


  • Lesson 1 - Resume Writing Tips

    Learn how to make your resume stand out in the crowd.  Highlight your skills and experience in a format that IT managers expect.

  • Lesson 2 - How to get experience

    Learn how to get experience without spending years at contract positions.  I give you tips that can help anyone get experience in Information Technology quickly.

  • Lesson 3 - Learn how to network

    Networking is one of the most powerful tools you can use to get your dream job in I.T.  In this lesson I teach you how to network effectively.

  • Lesson 4 - Get noticed on LinkedIn

    If you are looking for a job then no other website will help you more than LinkedIn.  In this lesson, I show you how complete your profile and make it stand out.

  • Lesson 5 - Best job sites

    Not all job search sites are the same.  In this lesson you learn which ones are the best and won’t send you a ton of spam.

  • Lesson 6 - Interviewing tips

    In the last and probably most important lesson, I show you how to ace any interview.  Learn how to be confident and well prepared.  Learn what interviewers are looking for when they are interviewing you.

Start your path to the job of your dreams in Information Technology now!

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Why Should You Listen To Me?

For years I bounced around from job to job searching for something better. I had children I had to feed, keep a roof over their heads, and clothe. I would drudginglyleave for work everyday because I had to. When I finally got home to my family, I felt exhausted because I had spent the whole day doing a job I hated. I was the 9-5er that went through the motions of life.

I knew that I was capable of so much more. I had much bigger dreams for my life. I would think of how much I wanted my family to have a nicer home and each child would have their own rooms filled with toys. And there would be a pool and play sets in the back yard. I would have a truck that would confidently start every morning and an air conditioner that worked. I would have extra cash to take my family to the movies or to a nice restaurant. I had put myself into a rut and was desperate to find a way out so that my dreams could come true.

That’s when I decided to make things change for myself! I learned as much as I could about getting a better job in Information Technology. I read every ebook I could get. I found books at book resell shops and began to understand. I updated and reformatted my resume a few dozen times.

researched what certifications would help launch my career to new heights and studied as much as I could. Along the way I found books on making my memory work better. I found ways to practice what I was learning using the least amount of money possible. I learned the secret to interviewing successfully.

After I put my new plan into practice, I landed my dream job making over $100 thousand a year! And with a company I never would have dreamed I could work for. Now four years later I am still working there and loving every day that I go to work. I come home every day from work feeling fulfilled and happy that I am doing what I have always dreamed of doing.

I have packaged my job search plan into a course called Launch Your IT Career so that others can make their dreams come true as well. It has been proven that my Launch Your IT Career course will get you the job of your dreams.

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